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7 Sky Consultancy Pvt Ltd - Your guider for Study Abroad Consultants in Pakistan & Student Visa

7 Sky Consultancy Pvt Ltd in Lahore has made the admission process as simple as possible. Moreover, we accompany the student applicant at all stages, from the submission of documents to the moment of enrollment. We have collected all the relevant information for applicants. If you still have questions, our consultant staff is always ready to help.

Studying in the England is increasingly attractive for students, as it opens up excellent prospects for getting a high-paying job or starting your own business. The foreign educational institutions offer excellent opportunities for students who want to complete a specific academic program. To study at UK top universities, a person will need a student abroad visa to the United Kingdom. It isn't easy to obtain it at the UK embassy or consulate and get the chance to study abroad.

We Are Offering All Kinds of Abroad Study Visa


So are you planning to study abroad? Let us assist you bent answer all of your concerns. We deal in many countries student visas.


If you're looking to review in Australia, We are guiding students, as professional Australia Student Visa Consultant in Lahore who wish to pursue studies within the country.


Study in abroad and exploring new environments outside the motherland is an interesting part of life. At the same time, it is a lifetime experience for the students. But it could be costly and students need to spend a pretty penny.


Switzerland is not only a beautiful land. But it also provides huge career opportunities to Pakistani students. This country has world-class institutions that attract thousands of students from all over the world.


The USA is one of the strongest countries with the world's best economy. Many people desire to settle down in the USA. Many students wished to study in the USA for the best future.


Have a dream of studying in Europe? Are you looking for special study programs and degrees in European universities? But you need to avail go in a Poland where you have services of affordable tuition fees and high-quality education.

Why Us!

Free Consultation in Pakistan

Schedule an off-the-cuff meet & greet at our office with one among our experienced counselors. Here you'll get to understand us, discuss your educational goals, and ask whatever questions you want before deciding whether or not we're an honest fit one another. This is often a free consultant in Lahore, and there's no obligation to you.

Personal Plan

Once you opt to figure with us, we'll do an in depth interview with you about your unique set of needs & objectives and develop an entire plan of all required tasks and their due dates. We always provide you with clear direction so you will always know what must be done next & by when.

Registration & Testing

Each foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate program would require you to finish certain tests like IELTS/TOEFL or any other English Language Tests. These tests help each university's admissions department evaluate student applicants as objectively as possible. We guide you thru the method and offer assistance where needed.

University Applications

We assist you cut down your choices of preferred University by matching you up with their requirements. We keep you up thus far with each University's requirements so your applications are as complete and accurate as possible. This greatly increases the probabilities of being admitted to all or any of your selected University’s.

Grants & Scholarships

Last year almost $2.6 billion in grant & scholarship money was left unclaimed because students didn't know it was available. Don't leave free money on the table! We can help uncover hidden opportunities, and help significantly to ease the financial burden of paying for your education .

Housing Options

The number of private & publically-owned housing options can be overwhelming. On-campus, off-campus, rooms for rent, apartments, dormitories, houses - where does one start? We can narrow down your choices so you get exactly what you would like without all the effort.

Health Insurance

Before you'll enroll in any University, the overwhelming majority would require proof of adequate insurance coverage during the whole time you're abroad. We can assist you obtain the insurance you would like and stay compliant with the unique requirements of every institution you apply to.

Student Visas

Once you've accepted a suggestion of admission to at least one of your preferred University, we will then apply for your student visa if you favor. We'll work closely with the applicable government embassies or consulates to assist you acquire the visa you will need for the country you will be attending University in.

Travel Arrangements

One of the simplest parts of studying in another country exploring your new environment outside the tutorial world. So whether you need planes, trains, automobiles, or hotels, we can help get you to & from your destination.

Follow Through

After you've reached your destination, we'll still follow up with you during your course of study just to form sure everything goes smoothly and to supply our help where it's needed. At 7 Sky Consultancy in Lahore we're with you for the end of the day, and we're not done unless you say so!


Explore The World Of Opportunities With 7 Sky Consultancy: Pakistan’s Leading Study Abroad Consultants

Studying abroad is no longer as challenging as it used to be. With a talented team of the best study abroad consultants in Lahore, 7 Sky Consultancy has managed to help students apply for and gain admission to the top universities across the globe. With our 24/7 support and guidance, thousands of students have accomplished their dream of studying in prestigious institutes worldwide. As leading study abroad consultants in Pakistan, we empower students to explore an unlimited world of global opportunities.

7 Sky Consultancy- Your Study Abroad Consultants In Pakistan

A few things need to be thought about when it comes to study abroad consultants. These include tuition fees, accommodation rates, living style, degree prospects, financial requirements, visa ratio, academic requirements, etc. Here at 7 Sky Consultancy, our education consultants in Lahore provide a free consultation that covers all these aspects. Long story short, we don’t get you admission to just any foreign institute.
Our primary focus is to help you build a sustainable future for you and your family. Therefore, our study consultants in Lahore only apply to institutions with a long history of producing highly talented and skilled graduates for the industry. So, if you are confused about your future, book a free consultation with the best education consultants in Pakistan


Choose the Appropriate Pakistan Study Abroad Program

Our study abroad consultants in Pakistan guide you to the right country for your education and help you select the right degrees. We, at 7 Sky Consultancy are firm in helping students make the right career choices for their future. Therefore, as you avail of our free consultation, our student visa consultant analyze everything from your educational background to financial support and career goals. Depending on all this information, our study consultants in Lahore will offer courses relevant to your needs and where admission chances are 100% for you.

Succeed Academically With Finest Education Consultants in Lahore

Your endless struggle to find the best study abroad consultants in Pakistan for your international education ends here. With our seasoned consultants and counselors, we support and guide you through each step of your application for studying abroad to ensure a smooth journey for you. We know how tough and challenging applying to a foreign university is. Therefore, we offer complete guidance, assistance, tailored counseling, and interview preparation. Our student visa consultant briefs you about all visa proceedings and interviews to limit the chances of your visa rejection.

Considerations That Make 7 Sky Consultancy the Optimal Option for Pakistani Students Seeking to Study Abroad

We all know the phrase, “Hard work is the key to success.” But only hard work is not enough for you to succeed in such a competitive world. A person with quality education and knowledge has more chances of achieving his goals than a person who doesn’t have that. Now, the question is, where can you get a quality education and plenty of opportunities to achieve your life goals?
This is where 7 Sky Consultancy, one of the premier education consultants in Pakistan, can help you. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose us as your study abroad consultants:

  • We have access to quality and affordable universities in 10+ countries.
  • We help you apply for regional and national scholarships in the country of your choice to afford your educational expenses.
  • Free consultation and guidance on the prospects of multiple degree options.
  • Customised guidance and support to answer your queries
  • Before and after admission, support to students is provided by the best study abroad consultants in Lahore.
  • From application evaluation to admission, Visa application, and arrival, our expert study abroad consultants always extend their valuable support to the students.


Regarding the Visa acceptance ratio, The United Kingdom is the dream destination for Pakistani students. The UK is the hub for international students due to its world-class institutions, impeccable learning, unlimited growth opportunities, and cultural diversity.
All education consultants are good. But suppose you need peace of mind, 24/7 support, free consultation, and professional support throughout your application process. In that case, 7 Sky Consultancy is the best option if you are looking for study abroad consultants in Lahore.
The prerequisite for studying abroad is an application to a foreign university. If your application is accepted and you get admission, the next step will be to apply for a student visa in that country. This is not that simple, though.
Getting an education in a foreign country comes with certain circumstances, as students have to study and earn simultaneously to maintain their living style. This can sometimes cause depression and anxiety in some students. Such cases are minimal, though. Our study consultants in Lahore will ensure that you are briefed about all such circumstances.
As far as Pakistani students are concerned, getting a student Visa for UK is much easier than getting one for Canada, the USA, or Australia. This is the reason why the majority of students chose to study in UK than other countries. With years of experience, our education consultants in Lahore can assist you with the student visa application process.

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