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Australia is now a popular destination for overseas students seeking higher education. With its skill-focused environment, Australia developed an atmosphere where international students can learn and earn at the same time. Australia offers top-quality education, develops real-life skills, and enhances the natural abilities of students, making them a great asset to the country.

Here at 7 Sky Consultancy, we are determined to help students fulfil their dreams of studying in one of the most robust economies in the world. From career counselling to budgeting, applying to Australian institutes, and applying student visa for Australia from Pakistan, our expert study in Australia consultants got you covered on every step. Whether you are looking to get admission in a bachelor's, Master or even in PhD, we are your go-to option when it comes to education in Australia. Contact our Australia consultant in Lahore immediately so that we may begin processing your applications today!


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Getting an Australian student visa is no more a hassle. With our team of expert study abroad consultants and counsellors, we help students apply to top institutes and get student visas for Australia. Here at 7 Sky Consultancy, our study in Australia consultants have all the information about admission and visa application requirements. Irrespective of your degree program, we will assist you in the best possible way. Whether you want to apply to Australian universities or apply for your student visa for Australia, avail our free consultation right away and get everything sorted for you.

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Australia is an ideal destination for individuals who are looking for an excellent education and ample work opportunities after graduation. The Australian education system is designed in a way that allows students to sharpen their creative and problem-solving skills. These skills make them an effective component of the society after graduation. Being a profound Australia consultant in Lahore, 7 Sky Consultancy helps students prepare a strong admission application file and apply for a student visa for Australia from Pakistan. In this regard, our expert education consultants in Lahore and career counsellors get you through all steps of your admission process to ensure a successful journey for you.

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To get a student visa for Australia from Pakistan for your study in Australia, our Australia consultant in Lahore possess years of expertise in counselling, admission requirements, visa processing, and visa interviews. Therefore, we at 7 Sky Consultancy are confident that we can help you get successful in taking admission to an Australian college or university.

  • Tailored Guidance And Support: From university and course selection to application and visa approval, our experienced australia consultant in Lahore provide you with customised support and assistance for your study in Australia process.
  • Free Career Counselling: Our career student visa consultants have years of experience helping students make the right choices when it comes to the selection of degree courses. We provide this counselling free of cost to our students.
  • High Visa Success Ratio: With our detailed and thoughtful application process, we ensure to leave no loopholes in your visa application. That is why our visa success ratio for study in Australia is the highest in Pakistan.
  • Free Interview Preparations: From visa application to preparation for visa interviews, we do everything to get you an Australia study visa. We conduct free mock visa interviews to educate students about the interviews and questions in visa interviews.
  • Affordable Fee Plan: Unlike any other study in Australia consultancy, 7 Sky Consultancy has a very affordable fee structure for students. For the help we give you with your studies in Australia, we charge a small fee.

Australia Consultant In Lahore: Your Gateway To Study Abroad

From offering you top-notch universities to applying to the best programs, our study in Australia consultants will assist you in every step. Get a student visa for Australia from Pakistan with 7 Sky Consultancy and get a chance to experience quality education, a high living standard, a better future, and a safe environment for yourself. If you need any specifications or information, please get in touch with us. Book a free consultation with our study in Australia consultant and explore a world of opportunities and growth.

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As for now, Australia has an open and straightforward visa acceptance policy for all international applicants. Your visa application won’t be rejected if you follow all the instructions thoroughly, your documents are complete, your SOP is good, and your financial statements are authentic. Get in touch with our Australia consultant in Lahore to apply for your study visa.

Since Australia is an English-speaking country, all applicants must take either IELTS or TOEFL before applying to any Australian university. If you are applying for undergraduate, you need a minimum band of 6.0 to secure your admission, while for postgraduates, the minimum IELTS score is 6.5.
Australia generally accommodates study gaps. However, for some institutions, gap requirements vary depending on their criteria. Usually, smaller gaps of 1-2 years are considered in such cases. It depends on your degree and the institution as you may get an admission with a gap of 6-7 years or get rejected with only a gap of 3-4 years. If you have a gap of more than 5 years, get in touch with our senior study in Australia consultant to explore study opportunities in Australia.
The average cost of living for a family in Australia varies from $2500 to $3500 depending on the city and area where the family lives. For a student, the average monthly cost varies somewhat between $1200 to $1800. Sydney is by far the most expensive city in Australia as the cost of living is much higher in it than in other cities.
As of 1st July 2023, the minimum hourly wage is $23.30. However, now the government has set a limit for students. Now, a student can only work 24 hours a week. An international student can earn up to $4000 per month now.