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Have a dream of every student to study in Poland. Are you looking for special study programs and degrees in European universities? But you need to avail go in a Poland where you have services of affordable tuition fees and high-quality education. Yes, Poland is a vibrant and cultural country. The road led to a successful career. Poland is in the center of Europe and provides multiple opportunities to the student visa.

Why Poland Is A Successful Land For Students?

Poland is one of the cheap and affordable places in Europe for Pakistani students. There are top universities in Poland where students find a lively atmosphere, low-cost accommodation, and a friendly study environment. This country is the most satisfying and culturally rich place for students. If you are going to Poland and learning about the fantastic study opportunities, then contact the 7 Sky Consultancy Pvt Ltd in Lahore.

Have Affordable Living Costs

In Poland, the students not only enjoy attractive academic life but also have a quality life there. Poland has a strong economy and modern environment. However, the living cost in Poland is much lower than in other European countries. The Pakistani students get attractive scholarships study in Poland and find affordable fees. We also share some scholarships programs on the 7 Sky provide best Poland study visa consultants that might help to achieve your dream. In Poland, students get different scholarship programs and local or foreign students get the opportunity to complete their dream in Poland.

Apply Study Visa For Poland

Pakistani students need a valid visa to enter Poland. There are two types of visas available for students, Visa C, and Visa D. Both have different terms and demands. Visa C is a short-term visa and students can stay for up 9o days in Poland. For visa D, students are allowed to travel around the Schengen area for up to 90 days and apply for temporary residents. Initially, students get residents to permit for 15 months and it could be renewed for a period of up to 3 years. So, students can visit the Polish border as many times as they wish.

Have An Easy Admission Process?

It is an attractive opportunity for the students to study in Poland. The higher studies not only open up excellent prospects but students get their desired jobs as well. But face difficulties to apply to foreign universities. Here at 7 Sky Consultancy Pvt Ltd, we help in making the application process as easy as possible. We help the Pakistani students to submit all documents. We also collect the actual details from student and apply them to the desired university. We offer all better opportunities to provide the best travel and academic opportunity. So, you must consult with our agents and apply for a visa in Poland.

Get Personalized Traveling Plans

7 Sky Consultancy Pvt Ltd is the travel partner for Pakistani students who aim to go for higher studies. We are offering cheap flight and accommodation services to the students. The students can apply for visas and tickets at our platform. We love to provide great assistance to dedicated students. So, book study in Poland trip with us..

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The student visa policies are pretty simple in Poland. But, it doesn’t mean you pack your bag at the last moment. Over 500 educational institutes apply for a university letter before starting the visa process.
Apply to the Poland universities and try to get the university letter as soon as possible. After that, submit the visa application form to the embassy for further procedures. The Visa fee for students Is about 60 Euros.
It depends on your visa type and the university program you are following. The average amount you need is USD 13000. If you apply to well-ranking universities, the amount will go high.
3 Months valid passport one passport size picture. Application form and previous educational certificates. Accommodation booking or invitation from Poland. These are the basic requirements. If you visit 7 Sky Consultants Pvt Ltd, they will elaborate further on requirements.
Many countries do not demand IELTS from international students. Poland is one of them, so you can quickly get a study permit without IELTS. During visa interviews, they judge your English skill.