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Switzerland is not only a beautiful land. But it also provides huge career opportunities to Study in Switzerland all Pakistani students. This country has world-class institutions that attract thousands of students from all over the world. Now, students who need high-quality education can get Switzerland study visa and learn about a diverse culture. The Pakistani students can start their educational year at the start of September and select their desired university in Switzerland. Going to apply for a student visa, then don’t you get the help of professionals at 7 Sky Consultancy Pvt Ltd in Lahore. We have prepared everything in advance and offer you truly help to make your journey smooth.

Living Expenses For Switzerland

Study in Switzerland is a worthy and popular destination for students who aim to study abroad. This country provides ample opportunities to know the cultural value of the land. The students get the experience of a new language, tradition, and culture. Thus, it is a great chance to visit Switzerland student visa. If you want to enjoy the best study experience, then get the help of our professionals.

Study in Switzerland Different Types OF Plans

The Pakistani students have different demands for studying abroad. They think about the cost, personal preferences, and right timing for studying abroad. Luckily, the students get a different variety and seasons to study in Switzerland. They can avail spring, fall, summer, and winter programs that suit their requirements.

Not sure, what is the best plan for you. It is best to understand your needs and education plan. You might choose short courses that help to gain lots of benefits. If you are concerned about traveling plans, then check our website and find different scholarship programs. Be sure to follow our professionals’ advice and start getting an education in the best university. .

Get Travel Insurance Services

It is an exciting experience for traveling to Switzerland for having the best lifetime opportunity. The COVID-19 has changed the traveling patterns for students too. Therefore, the students need to avail themselves of health insurance that helps to avail fearless travel to Switzerland. We have provided the best insurance services and helped you to get back to your home safely. Our experts offer a precise guide about the COVID-19 vaccine and cover all travel-related demands of students.

Have Fully Secured Switzerland Flights

At 7 Sky Consultancy Pvt Ltd, you can find scholarships and cheap flights to Switzerland. We love to entertain the students by providing fully customized and affordable flights. The students also get fully secured insurance and high-end accommodation in Switzerland. We have vast experience to handle all types of services. We promise to make your travel safe and healthy.

Get A Valid Study Visa in Switzerland

Want to apply for a study visa in Switzerland? Don’t look anywhere than 7 Sky Consultancy Pvt Ltd as we have a true service for passionate students. All you need to follow the rules and make a careful travel plan for the Switzerland study visa. Once you get an accepted application, you need to pay all fees and submit documents of the university. We help to contact with Swiss embassy and complete all travel formalities. Most vitally we arrange the best accommodation for students. So, contact our experts right now and get their beneficial opinion.

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If you are a foreign national who wishes to study in Switzerland, you may be eligible for a Swiss student visa. To get a Swiss student visa, you must meet specific requirements and show that your studies will benefit your country of origin.

First, you will need to gather all the documentation.
  • Valid Passport.
  • Your educational documents.
  • Visa application form & Bank Statement.
We know that Switzerland is considered one of the most beautiful countries. More than 8 million people come to Switzerland to study.

The essential cost of the visa is CHF-88. If you apply for a fast-track visa, you must pay 50% extra.
Swiss citizens enjoy some of the shortest residency visas in the world. Depending on your nationality, getting a Swiss visa can take anywhere from a few days to a few months. Most of the time, it takes 8-12 weeks to complete the process.
Pakistani students who want to pursue higher education in Switzerland can do so by enrolling in a Swiss university or college. Many universities and colleges in Switzerland accept international students, so finding one that is the best fit for you is easy. Many Swiss universities have partnerships with Pakistani universities.
For every kind of study visa, you must need some essential documents. Your valid passport, previous educational certificates or diplomas, passport size pictures, university letter, funds detail, and Bank statement.
If you passed the IELTS, then it is a plus point for your visa. But, don’t worry, you can study without it as well. Get a proficient English letter. If you completed your previous education at an English college or university, you could get a letter from them