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Every student wants to study in Malaysia. For some years, Malaysia has become the hub of the best education system. Different top-ranking universities and colleges are saturated there. So, that's why many students prefer to visit there. We helps you to fulfill your dream of study in Malaysia.

We deal with all kinds of student visas, especially Malaysia study visas for Pakistani. Our team is experienced and passionate about their work. We have been working so long in this industry. We apply only to authentic or well-known universities.

Malaysia study visa for Pakistan process is simple and comprises a few steps. We are with you, and we will help until you get succeed. Our mission is to support new talent to fulfill their dreams. If you want to study abroad, you learn a lot and get constant exposure. If you have any issues or questions, you can ask without hesitation. Our well-researched team is always available for you.

Study in Malaysia for Pakistani Students

Many consultant agencies have been working. We will help you get your Malaysia study visa soon. We have been working with top-ranking universities and Colleges. Consultancy is the best option for study in Malaysia because students don't know how to choose courses or universities for a better career.

Our prices are affordable, but the services are unbelievable. We never play with students' futures, but we help to build them strong. 7 sky consultancy shows the right path toward a bright future. You can be concerned about any issues related to studies. Our staff is thoroughly disciplined and professional.

It's hard to find an honest consultant Malaysia study visa for Pakistani, so we are here. You don't need to go somewhere else. Our services and support with you. Young students are the bright future of our country, so seven skies always support them to improve their careers.

We provide Malaysia study visa for Pakistan student

We are the best because we provide quality to our respected customers. That's why they trust us and support us as well. We guide students step by step about Malaysia study visas for Pakistan.

We show them the best universities and colleges for their bright career. That is why we are worried about their career and try to give them suitable suggestions. All our Malaysia student visas are budget friendly and affordable for everyone. Our consultancy also helps them to find suitable accommodation as well. We know the value of money, so we always want you to spend your money where it should be.

Malaysia is a very progressive country, and now, Malaysia is offering the best education for international students. There are many Top universities and colleges which are offering advanced courses and technologies. Study in Malaysia for Pakistan visa process is very simple and effective

Our role in Malaysia study visa in Pakistan

We plays a tremendous role in Malaysia study visa consultant. We show the right path to students for a study visa. Many students are confused. They don't know about courses or universities that can benefit them. So, we show them the best deals according to their budget. Because we know these days everything is costly. But we offer students the best options at the best prices. We help them find the right course for them. So, selecting the wrong course might ruin your career and leave a bad impression.

These points are susceptible, so we guide proper what is best for them. If you are paying, then you deserve the best for yourself. We always respect our customers. That's why they trust us. We always provide what we offer, which is the best way to serve.

How do we support our customers in Study in Malaysia?

7 Sky Consultancy Pvt Ltd is a well-known and established consultancy. First, we check the student's degrees and grades. Then the best options according to their grades and desires.

After that, we check the list of premium universities and Colleges according to Students' skills. When we select the university or college, we help them find the requirements. Once we did these requirements, we started the application procedure and guided students on how it worked. We are not only guides, but we also support them until they get their visa. When they get the university acceptance letter, we tell them about attending interviews. The interview is noteworthy that plays a vital role in your visa. In the interview, the officer judges the student whether he is able for the visa. We are with them in all procedures and tell them the right way toward success. Our customer care trust and support us too. If you want to make your career in Malaysia, our consultancy is best for your career, so visit us for further discussions to shine your future.

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There are many western colleges and universities to study in Malaysia. These universities hold their campuses in Malaysia. We can have enjoyment along with studies because of its excellent infrastructure. Thousands of students find their educational destination in Malaysia. Malaysia is one of those countries that have the world’s most biodiverse areas. You find comfortable and pleasant weather to study. Besides studies, you can also explore the most beautiful place in the world.
The government of Malaysia has set a process for entering Malaysia for study. Anyone who wants to study in Malaysia can apply for a student visa. After that, they can easily pass through to study in Malaysia.
The method to apply for a Malaysia study visa for Pakistani is given below:
  • Apply for a specific university in Malaysia
  • Submit your documents to the travel agency
  • Inform the University that you have arrived
  • Lastly, wait for a student visa sticker
The cost of studying in Malaysia is very affordable. It ensures high quality of education. The fee structure of the Universities of Malaysia is lesser than the universities of Singapore and Japan as well. For covering the cost of your living 450 to 800 EUR are required. It covers the cost of your living easily. The official currency of Malaysia is the Malaysian Ringgit.
No, the students are not allowed to work in Malaysia with a student Visa. You can work only in a specific situation. When you are on a break from your school then you can work in Malaysia. During this period, you can work with an apart time job for 20 hours a week. Without any summer break or any sort of vacation, the school holders are not permitted to work part-time or full-time.
Yes IELTS is required for the Malaysia student visa. English is the main language to interact with internationally. So, you have to pass the IELTS or TOEFL for the approval of a student visa in Malaysia. English has become the need of today. Hence, if you do not pass the IELTS or TOEFL then you are not eligible for a study visa in Malaysia. 7 Sky Consultancy guides you that how to pass the IELTS.