Study in UAE for Pakistani students

Study in UAE is very thrilling for students. Studying in this country offers a rich cultural heritage. Students get a welcoming culture as well. The Universities in this country are the best universities that rank among the best universities in the world. Due to this reason, it is one of the preferred countries for students. This country fulfills all the desires and needs of the students. These are the needs required in terms of high-quality education. It has good infrastructure as well. There are over 80,000 students that are getting an education in this country. That’s why you should also Study in UAE for getting the best education for your career.


Education System For The Students

Education System is the most important factor for the students who want to Study in UAE from Pakistan . The Universities present in this country are administered by the Ministry of Higher education. The Universities of this country offer a wide range of programs for students to choose from.

The government of this country has taken many reforms to the education system of this country. It means that the education system of this country is improving day by day. This reform in the system is very good for the students. Thus, the standards of education in the Universities of this country are becoming high due to these reforms. Most students prefer to study at private universities in this country. If you want to get a UAE student Visa Pakistan then you can consult with 7 Sky Consultancy. That’s why we provide the best UAE study visa consultancy to students.

UAE Study Visa Consultants

The students need a UAE study visa to begin their higher education in this country. When you get the official admission letter from the university then you can be able to apply for a UAE student visa in this country. After that, you can proceed with your Visa application to study in this country. Thus, the cost of the UAE student visa application is up to AED 3000. It means you have to deposit this fee for the application for a Visa in this country.

The validity duration for a visa in this country is one year. After the competition of one year, you can apply for the renewal of the visa. All the students studying in this country have the opportunity to work for 15 hours a week. They can also do internships on a valid student visa. It takes about 2-5 weeks the processing the visa. That’s why you need to consult with 7 Sky Consultancy for getting a UAE Study Visa Consultants in Pakistan.

Necessary Documents For The Application For A Student Visa

There are a few documents that are necessary for you when you are going to apply for a UAE student visa in this country. These documents are:

• Receipt of the payment of the student visa fee
• Recent passport-size photographs
• Letter of acceptance from the university in which you are getting admission
• A medical examination report of the student
• A police clearance certificate
• Filled out and signed the application form for the student visa
• Proof of funds to support your education in this country
• A passport with a validity of a minimum of six months . This period is from the
completion of your stay in this country.

Popular Courses Offered By The Universities

This country is becoming a source of attraction for many students. This is due to the wide range of courses. Thus there are courses that the Universities of this country are offering to students for a better career. Students have involved themselves in different fields nowadays. They have a lot of opportunities for their future due to the variety of their courses. Other than these courses, there are many more fields in which students are interested. That’s why these courses are also offered by the Universities of this country.

Extimate Cost To Study In UAE

It is the second most important thing that students consider for study in UAE from Pakistan. It is the cost that they have to pay for it. Every university and college have different criterion for the fee schedule. Mostly it depends upon the length of the program that you choose for study in UAE. If your course is long then the fee structure will also be comparatively high. But if your course is short then the fee structure will also be short and affordable. Further, if we talk about the living expenses then they range somehow between $320 to $450 on monthly basis .

The living expenses of the students in this country depend upon the lifestyle that they choose for themselves to live in that country. Moreover, it also depends upon the location of the university. Financial aid is also provided to the students who deserve it. That’s why you can consult with 7 Sky Consultancy to get a detailed overview of the study structure of this country.

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