Do You Have Any Questions?

7 Sky Consultancy is a well-known and established visa consultancy. They deal with all kinds of student visas. 7 sky consultants have a professional and expert team that will assist you decently. So, they check your skills and then give you a proper suggestion according to your needs.

7 Sky Consultancy Ltd provides career counselling services to help students make informed decisions about their future careers. So, they assess the student's skills, interests, and aptitudes and provide guidance on which career paths would be best suited for them.

They help students identify schools and universities that offer courses that match their interests and provide guidance on the admission process.

7 Sky Consultancy is a well-known consultancy that works in several countries. We are currently active in the UK, USA, IRELAND, SWITZERLAND, AUSTRALIA, POLAND, and other countries as well.

So, if you are meeting with the counsellor, you need the following documents at the time of the appointment. Passport, Visa documents, Academic certificates and financial documents.

If you are still determining when to pay the consultancy fee, contact the counselling service directly and ask about their payment policies. It is essential to clarify any questions about payment in advance to ensure clarity and timely receiving of the services you need.