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The USA is one of the strongest countries with the world's best economy. Many people desire to settle down in the USA. Many students wished to study in USA student for the best future. The USA provides many benefits to students to get a USA Study visa and start studying in the best universities in the world. Study in USA is the biggest dream of every Pakistani student and our agency will help you to fulfill your dreams. 7 Sky Consultancy Pvt Ltd in Lahore is always ready to help Pakistani students to provide best visa consultants service. How they can get easily USA student visa and what facilities will be given to them. We are always ready to make your journey smooth and the best so you can study in USA as you want.

Stay In Touch During The Process

Whenever any student contacts us to consult about the USA study visa we tried our best to explain to him about all the procedures that will happen. We always stay connected with the clients. If they have any confusion related to the visa procedure, they can consult us anytime. We always work hard to make sure that our client is satisfied with our services.

Living Expenses In The USA

As we know the USA is very strong in the economy so it’s the expenses of students will be very high. We will make sure to give you the best ideas that how to manage living expenses in a country like the USA with high rates. If you want to keep everything simple and easy so contact specialists who will manage or give you the best ideas.

Best and Economical Flights

Every student who gets a USA visa wants to travel on the best flights but they want to take economical flights. So, their budget won’t be disturbed and they can travel to the USA without any stiffness. You can contact us on duty officer to get the best advice and consult them about getting the best and cheap flights. Our officers will never disappoint you and will guide you thoroughly.

Travel During Covid19 Situation

During this pandemic, everyone gets scared to travel to any other country and it’s natural. Sometimes students the wrong advice from people and get confused about the whole situation. If you want to travel without any worry and keep it smooth procedure. So, contact our officials they will guide you in all the procedures. They will explain to you how to travels safely during this situation. What precautions you must take while traveling to the USA visa. Our agent always stays connected to USA embassy so there won’t be any difficulty for the client during travel.

Acquire A Legal Visa Of USA

This is like the dream of every Pakistani student to study in USA. If you have wished to get a USA student visa you can contact 7 sky consultancies any time. We will make sure to make this procedure easier for you. Our agents will always be stay connected to you. So, if you are facing any problem you can ask for help from them. Our services are available 24 hours. We must make our clients satisfy and make them pleased with our services.

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The first step is to enroll in your college or university program and get your 1-20 form. After achieving one milestone, the next step is to fulfill all the requirements for the DS-160 application. The third step is to pay the visa fee, which is almost $160.
USA student visa requirement are there
The United States encourage international students the study in their country. Getting a student visa is pretty simple; you need a valid passport and university letter. Documents that prove your previous educational certificates are not fake. A bank statement has a prominent presence in the whole procedure.
The 7 Sky Consultancy Pvt Ltd is one of the famous and trustable consultancies. We deal with all kinds of study-related visas in many countries. 7 sky consultancy always stands with you in your career journey. Knock on the door of 7 sky consultancy Pvt Ltd. Our team is always for your help.
The United States offer an F1 visa which is valid for five years. The visa limits start from your program date. You can extend this visa if you want to stay in the USA after your studies or if you want to get some further studies.
If you are native or belong tan o English country, then you don't need IELTS. If your previous education Is from English countries, then you are free for IELTS. If you are not meet with above requirements, then things are tricky.
Free study in the USA is like a dream. But now it's not a dream anymore. It's possible to study with us for free. Your academic score should be stunning. If you have, then you can apply for a full scholarship in the USA, and then you can fulfill your dream.
There is not a fixed amount. It depends upon your visa kind and educational program. At least you need $25000 and may be above that. The study in the USA is expensive as compared to other countries.