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Study in turkey for Pakistani students is possible. The visa procedure is quite simple and effective. We are connected with the best universities in turkey, so don’t worry; we will show you the best that will meet your requirements. We always encourage and helps new talent to make their career and create a tremendous history. Education is the right of every student, and we are with you to fulfill your dream.

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What we deliver to our respected customers who want to study in Turkey

We have been delivering the best services to our customers for so long. All visas are budget friendly and affordable for students. We are available for any free advice related to admissions, cost of living, and other issues. We provide different suitable flights and accommodation options as well. We deliver quality to our students. Because we know the importance of education and make their journey hurdle accessible. We also provide what we mention or what we promise.

Our customers are our pride and are part of our emerging and growing consultancy. We have selected the top-ranking universities for our shining students. A fee of universities depends upon the courses, but our chosen universities’ prices are pocket-friendly.

When you apply to study in turkey, you can face many issues and difficulties. But don’t worry; we will guide to step by step until you get the visa. Let us start your journey with 7 Sky Consultancy, so it’s time to break your barriers for new success and achievements. So, don't think it over and make your decision toward success.

We will guide you how to choose your courses

There are thousands of courses available for Pakistani students. First, you have to select a course and university. Once you have chosen the system, you should go to the embassy to apply for a Turkey student visa. We will help you select your course and university.

Always choose the right course; otherwise, your one wrong decision can ruin your career. So, many students choose the system on their parent’s demands some time family pressure. Please don’t do this if you are not interested in that course you should talk with your parents. Try to choose the period you have studied before.

It will help you more to get the best grades in your degree. Once you get the acceptance letter from the university, it’s time to apply and then start study in Turkey for Pakistani student

If your student visa for Turkey from Pakistan application is rejected

We provide complete support if your Turkey visa application is denied with incomplete submission. Although the rejection chances are zero if we are processing your visa. Those who are applying for a Study visa for Turkey from Pakistan can trust us.

We will apply again in 24 hours for your visa with the correct information, and you will get a ticket in 3 days. So, don’t take any stress. We will also be with you if your application rejects without error or mistake. Here, we will contact the local embassy and consulate and make it right. We are responsible for your student visa. If you are paying money, you should meet your requirements. Our team is supportive and available anytime for their respected clients. So, don’t be hesitate if you have any query you can contact us or visit our office. We deal in all kinds of student visas all over the world. Customer satisfaction is our first priority so visit us to study in turkey We are offering this kind of service to all our Pakistani customers. That’s why they give us the best reviews and five-star ratings.

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I want to study in Turkey because Turkey is one of those countries which are involved in the European Higher Education Area. There are higher quality educational opportunities for Pakistani students. The universities of Turkey have a modern and convenient environment. Turkey is considered the home of education. There is a major role of Turkey in the global economy and international trade as well. Furthermore, the beauty of Turkey attracts students more.
Students can stay in Turkey for a temporary period after getting permission to reside. This permission is for the students who get enrollment in a program in Turkey.
    The requirements for a Turkey student visa are given below:
  • Valid passport
  • Booked flight tickets
  • Your travel insurance
  • Student Visa application form
  • Biometric photographs
Turkey's student visa fee for a Pakistani for a single entry in Turkey is almost 2100 rupees. The cost will increase if you have to do multiple entries in Turkey. This every amount is only for a single entry. The necessary cost is the fee of the program in which you are getting admission to the university. And this fee is dependent on the type of university that whether it is a public or private university.
7 Sky Consultancy Pvt Ltd provides a student visa for Turkey in Pakistan. We will guide you completely in every aspect and will complete your process for a student visa for Turkey. 7 Sky Consultancy is considered the best study abroad consultant to provide student visas. We work with many countries' student visas. Our purpose is to guide you and to provide you assistance in the whole process.
If you are a student and you are fond of studying in Turkey, then you need a student visa for it. For getting the visa, you have to contact any travel agency. They will apply for your student visa. There are certain steps that you have to follow for applying:
  • Approve your acceptance in any program in Turkey
  • Consult any travel agency
  • Complete your documents
  • Wait for the processing of the Visa
You can study for free in Turkey through scholarships. Find the appropriate scholarships that fit your field. Look for other external scholarships. Start applying for these scholarships. Select any affordable university in Turkey. There are some universities in Turkey that offer you to avail scholarships. These universities include:
  • Can kaya University
  • Bilkent university
  • Istanbul Technical University
  • Koc University
  • Istanbul University
  • METU-Middle East Technical University
  • Bogazici University
  • Sabanci University