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Are you considering to Study in Russia ? If yes then 7 Sky Consultancy will help you to provide guidance to address all your concern about it. We have a professional team for this purpose. They will facilitate you in getting your student visa for various countries including this country. The country is a popular study destination for students around the world. A premier destination for students seeking higher education, this country stands out.

The services provided by us will lead you toward the perfect study program in this country. Moreover, we will guide you to get a Russia student visa. It will help you to get an education in Russia . Our education consultancy is always up to the mark. Our professionals have years of experience working with the Russian universities. They can get you admission to any university of your choice. To better educate you about how pursuing your education in Russia will increase your success prospects. Our crystal clear consultancy is all you need at the moment.


Admission Letter And Student Visa Process

You can apply for a study visa in Russia. But you can do it after obtaining an office of invitation letter from the educational institution of this country. This letter is important for your confirmation about the education and admission to that institution. After getting the invitation letter from the university you have to complete our visa application form.

You will have to provide your educational and other essential documents along with your visa fee in advance. Then, our team will apply for your visa after getting the admission letter from a Russian university of your choice. It can be the receipt of the fee that you have submitted to the institute of this country. Moreover, you have enough amount of money with you and you can afford your financial expenses in this country during your studies. You need to consult with the Russia student visa consultant before going to study in Russia.

What Are The Documents Required For Education In Russia?

These are the following documents that you require for getting a study visa in this country.

• Your original passport is required which has a validity of at least six months. It is essential for your travel in the country so that you don’t have to worry about passport renewal in Russia.
• A letter of acceptance is required. It is the letter that is from the educational institution in which you are going to get an education in Russia.
• You have to submit your order of education documents. It includes your transcripts, diplomas, and certificates.
• There must be proof of financial support. It is to ensure you can afford your expenses in this country.
• You have to provide your passport-sized photographs. These must be recent to meet the specifications.
• After filing the documents you have to pay the visa fee. Your visa decides how much fee you will have to pay.

Cost of living

Different regions and areas of Russia have different costs of living. So, our consultants will completely brief you about all those areas in advance so that you could decide with complete information. Moreover, public transport is also inexpensive for students. In addition, this country provides opportunities for the students to know about the cultural value of this place. The students get the chance of learning about a new language with tradition and culture as well.

Reasons why you should study in Russia

There are a lot of reasons why you can say that you want to study in Russia. I will discuss a few reasons that will make your mind to study in this country.

• This country has a strong reputation for providing high-quality education to the students
• This country has a rich academic calendar tradition. It is based on research and innovation.
• The cost of education in Russia is relatively more affordable than in other countries for the students. Due to this reason, this country is an attractive option for the student.
• There are local funding opportunities and scholarships available for students in this country.
• Study in Russia will give you the chance to learn and prove the language skills of this country.
• The environment of this country is suitable for the students to continue their higher education in this country.
• There are a lot of networking opportunities for the students available in this country to achieve their goals.

Reliable study abroad consultants in Pakistan

If you want to study in Russia then there are a lot of reliable study abroad consultants available for you in this country. Now study in Russia from Pakistan has become easy for you. It is because we are providing you with facilities that you can get the Russia student visa from Pakistan. Our Russia study visa consultant is designed to guide you about all aspects of your education abroad.

No one will help you achieve your dream of study in Russia more than us. It is for getting the best guidance in this country. We think it is better for you in searching for the best education in Russia plans for you. We make sure that we will pick a handsome job for you in this country. However, he also helps us to learn in getting a comfortable place to live in this country. That’s why you will surely enjoy a smooth experience in this country by overcoming all the challenges and setting new goals for a bright future.

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